Gaspar Confirms

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I spoke to Gaspar Saladino today and he told me he enjoyed the articles about his first DC lettering. He confirmed that this story, the first one in ROMANCE TRAIL #5 was his earliest DC job, it seemed familiar to him, and he thought my research was correct and well done. Needless to say, I’m pleased and relieved. Now, if anyone out there could get Gaspar’s earliest credits updated on the Grand Comics Database and his Wikipedia entry, that would be swell.

ADDED: Thanks to Ralf Haring for updating the GCD to include the information in my blog posts. Much appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Gaspar Confirms

  1. Clem Robins
      Gaspar’s got a few years on me, but I must admit that I remember the work I did in 1977 a lot more clearly than I remember the work I did two weeks ago.

      It looks to me like, for the display lettering, Gaspar is attempting to fall in with the Ira Schnapp house style. The “BY” is Schnappesque, in concept if not in style.

      But the body copy is Gaspar all the way. It’s like the guy was, as Aphrodite, born fully formed.

      He’s behaving himself, with every vertical stroke almost exactly vertical. It’d be a few years before he’d learn how much he could get away with.

      It makes me wish I’d grown up loving Simek or Rosen, and imitating their consistency, rather than wanting to be Gaspar, with his loopiness. I fell in love with his craziness long before i was qualified to adopt it. When I first submitting samples to DC, at seventeen, the woman in charge showed me some professional work, and commented that you could lift an E from any one place and it would be almost identical to every other E. I wish I’d listened to her.

      What i’ve admired about your own history, Todd, is that you put in several years in production, learning the craft and respecting it, before you sought out freelance. I didn’t much like your early work. but by 1980, you’d absorbed the important lessons, and that’s when you began to fly with your own wings.

  2. Todd Post author

    Thanks, Clem. I’ve fixed up your post a bit, no worries. I actually started lettering quite soon after I began in DC’s production department, a few months, and the first two years of it were pretty bad. I think I was hitting my stride by 1980.

  3. Clem Robins

    yeah. i hadn’t looked at a comic book for a year or two, and then blundered into your work on Teen Titans in 1980. you’d hit your stride all right.

  4. Todd Post author

    Thanks, Ralf, I appreciate it. I’ve emailed you a few other changes that should be made if you have time.

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