All images © Marvel. From DRACULA LIVES! #1, May 1973

This was one of Marvel’s black and white magazine-size titles that were tried for a while in the early 1970s, matching the size and look of Warren’s VAMPIRELLA. If you were to open the first issue and page through to the first comics story, this amazing title by Gaspar Saladino would have hit your eyes, and I suspect clinched the sale. Gaspar lettered several stories for this title, two in the first issue. He also designed the logo, but all the cover text was type. None of the stories have lettering credits, but there’s no mistaking Saladino’s talent here.

From DRACULA LIVES! #1, May 1973

Here’s the second story lettered by Gaspar in the first issue. The title is not as impressive, but well done. Saladino was not doing many full stories for Marvel at the time, and he might not have wanted his main employer, DC Comics, to know about these, so he was probably fine with there being no lettering credits.

From DRACULA LIVES! #5, March 1974

Saladino also lettered two stories in issue #5. This one is the beginning of a multi-part adaptation of the original Bram Stoker novel by Roy Thomas that ran through several issues. Gaspar lettered the first two chapters, though the Grand Comics Database has the entire thing credited to Joe Rosen, who did the other parts. The diary entry on this page is particularly obviously by Saladino.

From DRACULA LIVES! #5, March 1974

This is the other story from that issue lettered by Gaspar. Note his characteristic block letter R’s in the story title, with the notch in the right side below the center of the middle bar.

From DRACULA LIVES! #6, May 1974

Issue #6 also had two stories lettered by Saladino, this is the first. Notice the wide, angular balloon lettering and the nearly rectangular balloon near the bottom.

From DRACULA LIVES! #6, May 1974

The second chapter of the novel adaptation, note Gaspar’s drippy captions, something he also did in DC’s SWAMP THING.

From DRACULA LIVES! #11, March 1975

The final Saladino lettering on this title is a single first page, the rest lettered by someone else. If you look closely you’ll find Gaspar’s name, even though there’s no official lettering credit. The rest of the story is lettered by Charlotte Jetter according the the Grand Comics Database.

To sum up, here are the details of Saladino’s story lettering.

#1 May 1973: Dracula 13pp, 12pp

#5 March 1974: Dracula 12pp, 10pp

#6 May 1974: Dracula 10pp, 10pp

#11 March 1975: Lilith page 1 only

That’s 68 pages in all. Other articles in this series and more you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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