All images © Marvel. From ECTOKID #1, Sept 1993

Here’s another one I missed, part of Marvel’s Clive Barker Razorline imprint. Gaspar Saladino lettered all but one issue. Unfortunately I can only find images from five of his eight issues, so that will have to suffice. He lettered everything here except the character logo.

From ECTOKID #2, Oct 1993

Great title and credit block by Saladino here, he shows how to make it just a little scary with the knife-pointed M in MOTHER.

From ECTOKID #3, Nov 1993

The bottom right balloon here is in the old whisper style using a dashed outline. A bit hard to see on the dark color behind it, but it works.

From ECTOKID #6, Feb 1994

I think when digital coloring became more common (and I’m assuming this uses it), darker colors were tried just because they were available. Here they make the title hard to read.

From ECTOKID #9, May 1994

Here the text at the bottom is type, and not by Saladino, though he did the credits. In this case it promotes an “Ectokid Special” that never happened.

To sum up, here are the details of Gaspar’s story lettering.

#1 Sept 1993: 18pp

#2 Oct 1993: 22pp

#3 Nov 1993: 22pp

#4 Dec 1993: 22pp

#5 Jan 1994: 22pp

#6 Feb 1994: 21pp

#7 March 1994: 21pp

#9 May 1994: 21pp

The page count on issues 7 and 9 is a guess, but it should be right. That’s a total of 169 pages. More articles in this series are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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