All images © Marvel. From HERO FOR HIRE #8, April 1973

Here are three H titles with a small amount of Gaspar Saladino lettering, combined to make the right size article. HERO FOR HIRE ran 16 issues in 1972-73 before being renamed POWER MAN. Gaspar lettered this one cover and several page 1 only assignments. One clue this lettering is not by Danny Crespi, who also did a lot of cover lettering at the time, is the thin outlines around the open letters, Danny usually did them thicker.

From HERO FOR HIRE #9, May 1973

This Saladino story title is almost humorous in approach, kind of odd for a superhero book, but it grabs attention. The sound effect is fine, too.

From HERO FOR HIRE #15, Nov 1973

This story title is more serious, but still has appealing bounce. Lots of lettering here.

From HERO FOR HIRE #16, Dec 1973

Perhaps the most impressive title of the lot, STILETTO could be a series logo.

From HAUNT OF HORROR #3, Sept 1974

One of Marvel’s black and white magazine-size titles, HAUNT OF HORROR lasted just five issues in 1974-75. Gaspar lettered the full story here, though letterers were not credited on these. His creative title is a good clue.

From HAUNT OF HORROR #4, Nov 1974

Another full story by Saladino with an impressive sound effect on this page. I think the inker, Wayne Howard, added the Zipatone pattern in the title and sound effect.

From HOWARD THE DUCK #5, Sept 1976

HOWARD THE DUCK was an odd but entertaining book that managed to combine a funny animal character (in appearance) with social satire and drama. He was a surprise hit for a while, and his initial series ran 31 issues from 1976 to 1979. Gaspar’s page 1 lettering puts the story title in a radio burst for extra emphasis.

From HOWARD THE DUCK #7, Dec 1976

Some of these issues were lettered by Jim Novak, beginning to absorb Saladino’s style, so it’s possible he might have done this page 1 himself, but comparing the other pages with this one, I feel this is by Gaspar. The creative story title is another point in his favor.

From HOWARD THE DUCK #27, Sept 1978

There’s no question on this story, as Saladino lettered the entire thing and gave himself a credit, just his first name as he liked to do it.

From HOWARD THE DUCK #30, March 1979

Again this could be Jim Novak imitating Saladino, but I feel it’s by Gaspar. Many subtle clues to that.

From HOWARD THE DUCK #30, March 1979

The second page of the story, the title page, is also by Gaspar, his title lettering is unmistakeable.

To sum up, I found Saladino lettering on these covers: HERO FOR HIRE #8, HOWARD THE DUCK #30, two in all. Below are the details of his story lettering.

HERO FOR HIRE #9, May 1973: page 1 only

HERO FOR HIRE #15, Nov 1973: page 1 only

HERO FOR HIRE #16, Dec 1973: page 1 only

HAUNT OF HORROR #3, Sept 1974: Last Descent to Hell 8pp

HAUNT OF HORROR #4, Nov 1974: Fright Pattern 5pp

HOWARD THE DUCK #5 Sept 1976: page 1 only

HOWARD THE DUCK #7 Dec 1976: page 1 only

HOWARD THE DUCK #27 Sept 1978: 17pp

HOWARD THE DUCK #30 March 1979: page 2 only

That’s a total of 36 pages. More articles in this series and others you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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