All images © DC Comics. From MANHUNTER #11, March 1989

Once again I am pairing two titles to get an article of the right length, they have no other connection. This version of MANHUNTER ran 24 issues from 1988-1990. Gaspar Saladino lettered four covers and nine stories for the book. His first cover lettering is above, a burst with an unusual shape that helps tell the story, under my logo design.

From MANHUNTER #13, May 1989

I like the style of CAT-MAN in this blurb, and the way the letters are attached.

From MANHUNTER #16, Aug 1989

Around this time, Saladino was getting fewer cover lettering assignments and therefore available to letter more stories. With this issue, he became the regular letterer and did all the remaining issues. He adds energy and drama on this page.

From MANHUNTER #18, Oct 1989

When given the room for a large sound effect, Saladino never disappointed. You can almost hear this massive explosion.

From MANHUNTER #24, April 1990

On this page from the final issue there are regular balloons, burst balloons, thought balloons, and a whisper balloon with upper and lower case to emphasize the difference.

To sum up, Saladino lettered these covers: 11-13, 15, four in all. Below are the details for his story lettering. All stories feature Manhunter.

#16 Aug 1989: 22pp

#17 Sept 1989: 22pp

#18 Oct 1989: 22pp

#19 Nov 1989: 22pp

#20 Dec 1989: 22pp

#21 Jan 1990: 22pp

#22 Feb 1990: 22pp

#23 March 1990: 22pp

#24 April 1990: 22pp

That’s 198 pages in all.

From MEN OF WAR #1, Aug 1977

In 1977, DC launched this new war title under the editorship of Paul Levitz. It ran for 26 issues until 1980, thus weathering the “DC Implosion.” Saladino lettered many of the covers and a few stories. On this first cover, Gaspar is already setting the stage for the character Gravedigger with some scary lettering. He did not do the file lettering in the art, and one section, “His very existence is classified” might be a late addition by someone else. Gaspar also did the logo.

From MEN OF WAR #6, May 1978

Artist Joe Kubert left room for a large balloon here, which Gaspar made good use of. This cover image I found is trimmed at the bottom, but the caption is almost complete.

From MEN OF WAR #8, Aug 1978

I think the burst shapes were at least pencilled and maybe also inked by artist Joe Kubert, but Saladino has filled them well.

From MEN OF WAR #16, May 1978

This balloon and caption balance the composition and add energy and style.

From MEN OF WAR #23, Dec 1979

Fine top banner and balloon on this cover, and the tomb inscription is also by Saladino.

From MEN OF WAR #1, Aug 1977

Saladino lettered the first Gravedigger story, though he didn’t credit himself. Credits for letterers were just starting at the time, and he may have forgotten or not been told to do that yet. His effective feature logo was used on the rest of the stories.

From MEN OF WAR #10, Nov 1978

Gaspar lettered both main stories for this issue, Gravedigger and Enemy Ace with art by Howard Chaykin. Both are full of exciting aerial war sound effects.

To sum up, I found Saladino lettering on these covers: 1, 6-9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 23, and 25, that’s twelve in all. Below are the details for his story lettering.

#1 Aug 1977: Gravedigger 12pp

#10 Nov 1978: Gravedigger 12pp, Enemy Ace 6pp

That’s 30 pages in all. Other articles in this series and more you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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