All images © Marvel. From MARVEL CHILLERS #2, Dec 1975

Here are two of the many titles that begin with MARVEL, each with a few examples of Gaspar Saladino lettering. For CHILLERS he did only page one lettering where the rest of the pages were by others, the first is above. I think Gaspar also did the character logo in the top banner, and it’s unusual and appealing. The story title is as full of energy and drama as the art, and there are several kinds of special balloon and caption styles here in addition to one regular style balloon. I can certainly see how Saladino’s work on these first story pages added value.

From MARVEL CHILLERS #5, June 1976

Typically we read from left to right, then down and left to right again, but here Gaspar’s skill forces the reader to go left to right at the top, then follow the lettering trail from there to the bottom left corner. Masterful placement.

From MARVEL CHILLERS #6, Aug 1976

What jumps out here for me is the title first, then the burst balloon at lower right. Then I want to read the captions to find out what’s going on.

From MARVEL CHILLERS #7, Oct 1976

For this long title Saladino emphasizes three important words, making the others small, and adds drama with a fine dry-brush treatment for DEATH.

From MARVEL TALES #62, Oct 1975

While CHILLERS ran only seven issues, TALES ran a whopping 289 issues from 1966 to 1994, perhaps the longest-running Marvel reprint comic. Gaspar did new lettering for just two covers for it, often the cover lettering was reprinted from the original appearance. On the first one above, his wide, angular balloon lettering works fine added to the original Sam Rosen caption at the bottom.

From MARVEL TALES #96, Oct 1978

This is interesting, the word balloons are relettered by Gaspar instead of what appeared on the cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #117, but the caption and sign are original, yet they also look like Saladino’s work. I didn’t include that cover in my survey of ASM I think because the balloon lettering looked like it was by someone else. I’ll just credit Gaspar here with the caveat that I’m not sure if he did that original lettering at the bottom, but now I’m thinking he might have.

To sum up, I found new Saladino lettering on these covers: MARVEL TALES 62 & 96. I found page one lettering by him on these issues of MARVEL CHILLERS: 2, 5-7. That’s six items in all. Other articles in this series are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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