All images © DC Comics. From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #6, March 1985

In 1984, DC Comics split their popular teen superhero series into two books. This one began with a new first issue and continued for a lengthy run first under this title, then as simply THE NEW TITANS to 130 issues by 1996. Early covers had no lettering, but soon Gaspar Saladino was lettering many of them. The cover above is painted by George Pérez, but I believe the sign and button are by Gaspar, effectively held in color to look like part of the painting. Saladino also lettered two interior stories later in the run.

From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #10, July 1985

Most of the covers used line art, more typical of the DC line, and Gaspar’s lettering, like this large arrow caption, complemented it well. The faceted style of CRYSTAL is beautifully done and took extra time I’m sure.

From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #12, Sept 1985

Saladino coule always be depended on for scary lettering, and GHOST STORY here is particularly well done in my opinion.


DC Annuals often had no cover lettering, but this one includes a Saladino character (team) logo for the guest stars.

From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #15, Dec 1985

This clever cover idea allowed Saladino lots of space and he used it well with attention-grabbing display lettering.

From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #18, March 1986

A large, powerful bottom blurb makes this otherwise static cover compelling.

From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #24, Sept 1986

More fine scary lettering by Saladino. I like the underscore connected to the Y. I don’t know why it’s there or what it means, but it makes the word memorable.

From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #33, July 1987

Unusual shapes and bounce make this title stand out, and tie it to the meaning.

From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #36, Oct 1987

This large blurb in perspective works well to tell the story and combines perfectly with the logo.

From THE NEW TEEN TITANS #46, Aug 1988

I guess the instruction to Gaspar here was: the “Dial H for Hero” idea but backwards and evil.

From THE NEW TITANS #62, Jan 1990

I find this treatment of PLAGUE effective and creepy. It almost makes me itchy. The texture is probably done with a dry brush.

From THE NEW TITANS #69, Sept 1990

Two words in this blurb, each in a creative and appropriate style, with lots of energy in the second.

From THE NEW TITANS #77, July 1991

Lots of Saladino lettering here to add to the drama. The stenciled approach to the bottom blurb works well.

From THE NEW TITANS #93, Dec 1992

Again, lots of Gaspar blurbs to sell the idea here on one of his last cover lettering assignments on this title. No one did it better, but DC was gradually moving away from the hand-lettered look toward type.

From THE NEW TITANS #68, Aug 1990

For two issues, this series was handled by an all-guest lineup of creators, perhaps a fancy way to label a fill-in story, but Gaspar’s work shines.

To sum up, I found Saladino lettering on these covers:

THE NEW TEEN TITANS: 6, 10, 12, 15, 17-20, 22-25, 28, 31, 33-34, 36-37, 41-42, 46, Annual 1

THE NEW TITANS: 62, 69, 77, 93-94, Annual 6

That’s 27 in all. Below are the details of his story lettering.

#68 Aug 1990: 24pp

#69 Sept 1990: 24pp

That’s 48 in all on this title. More articles in this series and others you might like are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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