All images © DC Comics. From ISIS #7, Oct-Nov 1977

This will be a very brief article, as there are only two other DC titles beginning with I with Saladino lettering. I expected to find more on ISIS, above, but he only lettered the cover of this issue. Note the first I in ISIS in the caption has serifs. Gaspar often did that, especially with names, a style point we didn’t agree on. I only use the serif I for the personal pronoun I and contractions like I’m and I’ll, but it works fine here.

From INVASION #1, Winter 1988

INVASION was a space war epic involving many DC characters and races who travel the galaxy from writer/artist Keith Giffen. Gaspar lettered the first and third annual-sized issues. His sound effects are full of energy here. I imagine he was not too familiar with the characters in many cases. In the next to last panel he’s added a hyphen to Omega Men, though it’s right in the third panel, and the editor and proofreader missed it.

From INVASION #3, Jan 1989

When given the chance and room, Gaspar could be depended on to provide large, exciting lettering like the scream in the final panel here. So much agony!

To sum up, we have just one cover, ISIS #7 to report, and below are the details for INVASION.

#1 Winter 1988: 80pp

#3 Jan 1989: 80pp

160 pages in all. More articles in this series and others you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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