All images © Marvel. From FALLEN ANGELS #4, July 1987

Here’s an article for a few Marvel titles that didn’t have enough Gaspar Saladino work to warrant a separate entry, I’ll cover them in alphabetical order. This X-Men spinoff was mostly lettered by Jim Novak and Bill Oakley, but Gaspar filled in on one issue. He’s used his favorite pen name, L.P. Gregory for some reason even though is style is easy to spot for anyone paying attention.

All images © Marvel. From GUNHAWKS #6, Aug 1973

The western title above ran seven issues in 1972-73, and Gaspar lettered most of this first story page except for the credits. DEATH in the title is very much in his style, GUNHAWK less so, but he was always trying new things.

From INTERFACE #7, Nov 1990

This series from the Epic imprint ran eight issues in 1989-90. Gaspar lettered none of the covers, just the story in issue #7. Since I can’t find any inside page images, I’m putting the cover here.

From KID COLT OUTLAW #186, Sept 1974

This title had a very long run of 225 issues from 1949 to 1979, and might be the only Marvel title to have survived from the Golden Age to the Marvel Age, as some call it, though in the 1960s and 1970s, the stories were often reprints. Surprisingly, Gaspar lettered just two covers for the series. AMBUSH in the top blurb is most typical of his work.

From KID COLT OUTLAW #187, Oct 1974

And the same word is here in a slightly different style. You can sense how repetitive some of the stories were. And it makes sense that Saladino didn’t do any inside page lettering, with so many issues being reprints.


Among the black and white magazine-size titles Marvel tried in the mid 1970s was this book, which had only one issue. Gaspar lettered the title page only. MONSTER is in the style he used for a logo on the FRANKENSTEIN color comic, but redrawn. MASQUE is beautiful.

From LOGAN’S RUN #2, Feb 1977

Marvel’s comics version of this film ran seven issues in 1977, and Saladino did page one lettering on five issues, this is the first. His title is strong and effective.

From LOGAN’S RUN #3, March 1977

The best clue to Saladino on this page is the style of the R in SANCTUARY, where the notch on the right side is below the center of the middle horizontal stroke.

From LOGAN’S RUN #4, April 1977

Here a massive burst balloon contains the story title effectively, not easy to do. Note how contrast is achieved through solid black letters on BOX.

From LOGAN’S RUN #5, May 1977

On the other hand, this story title is poorly designed and not at all like Gaspar’s work. I’m guessing it was pencilled in by George Pérez and Saladino just inked it as is to avoid messing with the art behind it.

From LOGAN’S RUN #6, June 1977

Back to Gaspar’s style for this story title. Gaspar’s lettering is all fine here except in the last burst, where there’s too much space. Perhaps a word was removed after he did it.

To sum up, I found Saladino lettering on these two covers:


He lettered these entire stories:

FALLEN ANGELS #4 July 1987: 22pp

INTERFACE #7, Nov 1990: 28pp

And on one page from each of these issues:

GUNHAWKS #6 Aug 1973

THE LEGION OF MONSTERS #1 Sept 1975 (page 2)

LOGAN’S RUN #2-6, Feb-June 1977

That’s 57 pages in all. More articles in this series and others you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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