All images © DC Comics. From THE OUTCASTS #2, Nov 1987

There are just two O titles I haven’t covered yet, both from the late 1980s, and both with only cover lettering by Saladino. THE OUTCASTS is up first, a twelve-issue series from 1987 to 1988. Gaspar’s blurb uses unusual letter shapes and texture that adds interest.

From THE OUTCASTS #3, Dec 1987

This blurb follows a similar idea, but the letters are a little more square. I think the texture in them adds a lot because the art is so slick.

From THE OUTCASTS #4, Jan 1988

More textured letters, but these are looser and scarier, contrasted by very square letters elsewhere.

From THE OUTCASTS #6, March 1988

Only the word HOT has texture on this one. That and the color give it emphasis. Gaspar might have added flames, but there were already some in the art.

From THE OUTCASTS #9, June 1988

This large display lettering is beautifully done with a very large round pen point, and then all the square corners were added with a tiny point to give it strength.

From THE OUTSIDERS #3, Jan 1986

DC had success with BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS, a new team book that replaced the long-running THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. It did so well that it was chosen in 1985 to be one of several series split into two books. This one, in the prestige format on higher quality paper, was priced higher. The original series became ADVENTURES OF THE OUTSIDERS and after a while reprinted stories from this series. Batman was not in either book, which I think was a mistake, but it did well enough to last until 1988 with 28 issues. Again, Gaspar did only cover lettering, but some fine examples. The blurb on this cover uses standard block letters, but rough outlines around them add impact.

From THE OUTSIDERS #6, April 1986

This larger blurb in a ragged caption box uses a variety of styles that work together well.

From THE OUTSIDERS #9, July 1986

This blurb should have been larger, but it reads fine. Gaspar has done a very simplified version of his Black Lightning logo.

From THE OUTSIDERS #10, Aug 1986

Just when you thought Saladino might be coasting, he came up with this creative blurb loosely based on letters from the Cyrillic alphabet to make the Russia connection.

From THE OUTSIDERS #14, Dec 1986

Usually Saladino preferred to do his own versions of already created character logos for his cover blurbs, but here he’s used two that I designed. I’m flattered! All the display lettering is large and appealing.

From THE OUTSIDERS #18, April 1987

This caption celebrates the return of Batman and the villainous Eclipso with a Saladino version of his old logo.

From THE OUTSIDERS #20, June 1987

It’s hard to see it, but a close look at EVIL TWINS shows it was done with a large dry brush, one of Gaspar’s specialties. The notched, textured caption box adds interest.

From THE OUTSIDERS #25, Nov 1987

METAMORPHOSIS is a very long word to fit into a burst, but Gaspar makes it work, and the contrasting approach of STRANGE is great.

To sum up, I found Saladino lettering on these covers:

THE OUTCASTS: 2-4, 6, 9

THE OUTSIDERS: 1, 3, 6-7, 9-10, 14-15, 17-20, 23, 25-26, Special 1

That’s 21 in all. Other articles in this series and more you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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