All images © DC Comics. From ROBIN HOOD TALES #7, Jan-Feb 1957

Many comics have been published about Robin Hood. In 1956, Quality Comics began one, but it only put out six issues before the company decided to get out of comics and sold many of their properties to DC Comics. As a new title, it was an unlikely choice for DC to continue, but it fit right in with what editor Robert Kanigher was doing in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, and he took it on, continuing the book for eight more issues. The covers were lettered by Ira Schnapp, but almost all the stories were lettered by Gaspar Saladino, Kanigher’s favorite. The first page of the first DC issue, above, features his handsome title work and a fine caption on old paper with an Old English capital R at the beginning. The feature logo is by Schnapp.

From ROBIN HOOD TALES #8, March-April 1957

The feature logo on this story is different, but I think also by Schnapp. Gaspar has moved away from the Old English first letters in the caption, and his sound effect adds excitement.

From ROBIN HOOD TALES #9, May-June 1957

Sound effects were also important on this page. All of the balloon and caption lettering is slanted, some more than others, something Saladino was beginning to do at the time. I’m not sure why, perhaps it saved him a little time.

From ROBIN HOOD TALES #10, July-Aug 1957

The large, dynamic title on this story is similar to ones he would soon be doing on editor Julius Schwartz’s new superhero revivals like THE FLASH. His title work had come a long way from the generic and bland ones he did at first in the early 1950s.

From ROBIN HOOD TALES #12, Nov-Dec 1957

Saladino was not as accomplished at Old English styles as Ira Schnapp, who was using them on the covers of this title. In the first panel sign he’s using as little of them as possible. Notice the organic edges of the captions, which adds a small amount of diversity and interest.

From ROBIN HOOD TALES #13, Jan-Feb 1958

Another fine title on this story by Gaspar.

From ROBIN HOOD TALES #14, March-April 1958

This page from the final issue again makes good use of sound effects. I’m not sure why the title didn’t last longer, but poor sales was the usual reason. Robin Hood stories also appeared in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, perhaps left over from this one’s cancellation.

Here are the details of Saladino’s story lettering. All stories feature Robin Hood, he did three in each issue except #7.

#7 Jan-Feb 1957: 10pp, 8pp (stories 1 and 2)

#8 March-April 1957: 8pp, 8pp, 8pp

#9 May-June 1957: 8pp, 8pp, 8pp

#10 July-Aug 1957: 8pp, 8pp, 8pp

#11 Sept-Oct 1957: 8pp, 7pp, 8pp

#12 Nov-Dec 1957: 8pp, 8pp, 8pp

#13 Jan-Feb 1958: 8pp, 8pp, 8pp

#14 March-April 1958: 9pp, 8pp, 8pp

That’s a total of 186 pages. Other articles in this series and more you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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