All images © Marvel, Doug Moench & Paul Gulacy. From SIX FROM SIRIUS #1, July 1984

This series was part of Marvel’s Epic line of creator-owned properties. Gaspar Saladino lettered all four issues, perhaps at the request of the creators, or at editor Archie Goodwin’s suggestion. He did a fine job working over the painted art, as usual, and I’ll show two pages from each issue to give a feel for the entire project. The first page, above, is the only one with a title, suggesting it was originally planned as a single graphic novel.

From SIX FROM SIRIUS #1, July 1984

It’s hard to say how the lettering was done, but certainly not on the art. The usual way with painted projects was for the lettering to be done on vellum overlays. Sometimes those were combined photographically with the art, sometimes the balloons had white paint applied to the backs and then those were pasted onto the art. My guess is the former way was used here.

From SIX FROM SIRIUS #2, Aug 1984

Nice display lettering scream at bottom left here.

From SIX FROM SIRIUS #2, Aug 1984

Saladino used several special styles, this page has the one I like best with upper and lower case and rounded rectangle borders that have jagged sections indicating telepathy or some other kind of non-standard communication.

From SIX FROM SIRIUS #3, Sept 1984

In some places, Gaspar made his lettering narrower than usual to get everything in, an indication of too much to letter! It works, though.

From SIX FROM SIRIUS #3, Sept 1984

The whole series is classy and beautiful to look at, and Gaspar’s lettering adds to that.

From SIX FROM SIRIUS #4, Oct 1984

Thought balloons were already falling into disuse in comics in general, there are a few on this page.

From SIX FROM SIRIUS #4, Oct 1984

It was a fine science fiction series, and there was a second one the next year. That was lettered by Jim Novak.

To sum up, here are the details of Saladino’s story lettering.

#1 July 1984: 32pp

#2 Aug 1984: 29pp

#3 Sept 1984: 31pp

#4 Oct 1984: 28pp

That’s 120 pages in all. Other articles in this series and more you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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