All images © Marvel. From STRANGE TALES #169, Sept 1973

The original long-running STRANGE TALES from Marvel ended in 1968, and had no Gaspar Saladino involvement. In 1973 they brought it back for 20 more issues, and for that run, Gaspar lettered this one cover and several stories as well as the first pages of a few stories otherwise lettered by others. Here the logos and both blurbs are by Saladino using some of his scary styles.

From STRANGE TALES #170, Oct 1973

Gaspar was often asked to letter just the first page of a story, I think because Marvel felt his skill and energy might convince a few browsers to buy the issue. This title with flaming letters works well.

From STRANGE TALES #171, Dec 1973

Gaspar also lettered a few full stories under his pen name L.P. Gregory (from the names of his kids). He was not yet getting printed credit for lettering at DC Comics, his main employer, and probably felt it better not to do that at Marvel, though anyone who knew his style could figure it out.

From STRANGE TALES #172, Feb 1974

I love the title on this story, which benefits from his dry-brush lettering on Fog.

From STRANGE TALES #173, April 1974

Three full issues in a row is about the closest Saladino came to a regular story lettering gig at Marvel in the 1970s. It’s interesting to note that everyone else in the credits had careers at DC Comics too, either before this, after, or both.

From STRANGE TALES #174, June 1974

Back to just the first page for this issue. GOLEM could be a cover logo.

From STRANGE TALES #11, Feb 1988

Marvel brought the title back again in 1987 as home to two features, Cloak & Dagger and Dr. Strange. Gaspar lettered just this one story for it, still using his pen name, though he’d often used his own name at Marvel in the intervening years.

To sum up, I found Saladino lettering on the cover of STRANGE TALES #169, and on these stories:

#170: page 1 only

#171: 19pp

#172: 15pp

#173: 15pp

#174: page 1 only

#11 (1988): 11pp

That’s 62 pages in all. Other articles in this series and more you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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