All images © Marvel. From SUB-MARINER #59, March 1973

This title ran 72 issues from 1968 to 1974. Gaspar Saladino lettered covers and first story pages during the last two years of the run. His first cover, above, has his wide, angular balloon lettering, and somewhat atypical open lettering in the caption, but again very angular with pointed corners. The other main cover letterer at the time, Danny Crespi, did open lettering that was usually more rounded.

From SUB-MARINER #60, April 1973

Two word balloons and an open letter blurb by Saladino on this cover, he didn’t do the logo or the subtitle next to it.

From SUB-MARINER #62, June 1973

Gaspar was often asked to letter just the first page of stories otherwise lettered by others, in this case Shelly Leferman, and the elegant script in the credits is a good clue to Saladino’s involvement.

From SUB-MARINER #64, Aug 1973

More balloon lettering by Gaspar, and the styles in the caption are a clear indication of his work.

From SUB-MARINER #65, Sept 1973

The bottom caption here is full of Gaspar’s creative talent, I love the arrow in DEVIL, suggesting a devil’s tail. I think the words FOR and AM are press-down type.

From SUB-MARINER #66, Oct 1973

A fine title, and another style of script in the credits.

From SUB-MARINER #67, Nov 1973

Saladino occasionally used nearly rectangular balloons, as in the top one here, and the rough heavy border on the second balloon is a way he added drama.

From SUB-MARINER #67, Nov 1973

I like the large S in this title, and I like how the passing of Sub-Mariner creator Bill Everett is noted in the lettering too.

From SUB-MARINER #69, March 1974

The letter shapes in the caption here are a strong indication of Saladino’s work.

From SUB-MARINER #69, March 1974

Three lettering styles in the title for contrast and emphasis, and I love the burst with the pointing arrow on the right.

From SUB-MARINER #70, May 1974

Gaspar lettered all of this except the second line of the first caption, where he use a style of type also seen on other covers by him, probably press-down type.

To sum up, I found Saladino lettering on these covers: 59-60, 64-65, 67, 69-70, that’s seven in all. He also did page one lettering on these issues: 62, 66-67, 69, four in all.

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