All images © DC Comics, from SUPER DC GIANT #14, Sept-Oct 1970

This title was one of many efforts by DC Comics to reuse stories from their vast and varied past, in other words, a reprint title with no set theme. For readers new to the stories, it was a bargain. For some reason they began with issue #13, and at first issues were put out three at a time. Gaspar Saladino had lettering on most of the covers, though on some it was minor and type was also used. I’m beginning with this issue because I like Saladino’s story titles along the left side. He also did the logo, though TOP GUNS closely follows an Ira Schnapp one.

From SUPER DC GIANT #15, Sept-Oct 1970

More fine story titles by Saladino here, and good variety too. This logo is an old one by Schnapp.

From SUPER DC GIANT #16, Sept-Oct 1970

Lots more fine Gaspar lettering on this cover, except for the original Ira Schnapp caption on the upper BRAVE & BOLD cover reprint. The lower one seems to have been relettered by Saladino perhaps because it was too small to read otherwise.

From SUPER DC GIANT #19, Oct-Nov 1970

Jerry Lewis’s title was the longest running and most successful of DC’s many Hollywood humor comics, and Gaspar had fun with all the lettering on this one, except for Jerry’s balloon at center right, which is by Schnapp from the reprint. The balloon on the poster at left is cleverly put in perspective as if the paper is curved.

From SUPER DC GIANT #20, Oct-Nov 1970

DC’s “mystery” titles were right up Gaspar’s alley, and his logo is used on this one, which includes more of his story title and balloon lettering.

From SUPER DC GIANT #24, May-June 1971

This is my favorite of the lot, I love the large display lettering at the bottom, and the rest is fine too. Also a Saladino logo.

From SUPER DC GIANT #27, Summer 1976

The final issue, after a five year hiatus, has a unique Saladino logo and he lettered the captions, though they didn’t reproduce so well reversed and held in yellow on a red background. The middle right caption seems to be missing a first line.

To sum up, Saladino did cover lettering for issues 13-24 and 27, a total of 13. Other articles in this series and more you might like are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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