All images © DC Comics. From SWING WITH SCOOTER #2, Aug-Sept 1966

This teen humor series attempted to draw in fans of British pop groups like The Beatles. The title character, Scooter, leaves one such group and lands in a small town in middle America on his scooter, where he settles and makes new friends. It did pretty well, lasting 36 issues. Gaspar Saladino lettered a few of the early covers like the one above, filling in for regular cover letterer Ira Schnapp, and he took over when Ira left DC in 1968, though some covers were lettered by others. He did no story lettering for the series. Gaspar’s wide, angular balloon lettering is the clue here, quite different from Ira’s balloon lettering.

From SWING WITH SCOOTER #7, June-July 1967

As you can see on this cover, pop music was soon left behind for other kinds of crazy stories, as in the rest of DC’s teen humor line. I like Gaspar’s ZIP!

From SWING WITH SCOOTER #11, Feb-March 1968

Saladino’s large and expressive cry for help really sells this gag.

From SWING WITH SCOOTER #13, June-July 1968

The art style was about to change after this issue, to give the book a similar look to Archie Comics teen humor. This cover still has that British band fashion look for Scooter.

From SWING WITH SCOOTER #16, Dec 1968-Jan 1969

Now we’re into the Archie style, and any originality has been lost, but the book continued for a while, so some readers must have liked it. Saladino lettered most of the covers from this one on.

From SWING WITH SCOOTER #20, Aug-Sept 1969

This issue was annual-sized with a fine new Saladino logo.

From SWING WITH SCOOTER #22, Oct 1969

Another new Saladino logo tops this issue. Otherwise, the lettering on these was pretty easy, usually just one word balloon.

From SWING WITH SCOOTER #27, May 1970

Gaspar’s big WOW makes this gag work. I’m not sure if he did the letters on the eye chart.

From SWING WITH SCOOTER #32, Feb-March 1971

Toward the end of the run the book was longer, padded out with reprints and teen heart throb articles. I like the Saladino banner under the logo for a second feature.

To sum up, Saladino lettered these covers: 2, 7, 11, 13, 16-29, 31-35. That’s 23 in all. More articles in this series and others you might enjoy are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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