All images © DC Comics. From WANTED #1, July-Aug 1972

This was a reprint series focused on villains that lasted nine issues, after two prototypes in DC SPECIAL. The full title was WANTED: THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS VILLAINS!, way too long, but Gaspar wisely made the first word the important one in his logo. He lettered all the covers, and as there are only nine, I’ll show them here. One clever design idea is that each cover is set up like a wanted poster, with the captions pinned to it along with the art.

From WANTED #2, Sept-Oct 1972

The pinned captions are abandoned now, but the poster frame continues, and I think it’s different on each issue. Gaspar’s captions are pretty close to his inside lettering in style and size, just somewhat larger.

From WANTED #3, Nov 1972

Some of the captions on this issue are right in the art panels with no border, which I think actually works better.

From WANTED #4, Dec 1972

The subtitle is now above WANTED, which still reads okay.

From WANTED #5, Jan 1973

The caption size depends on the space available. Here there was enough room to make them a bit larger and use more display lettering.

From WANTED #6, Feb 1973

The frequency of release has increased from bimonthly to monthly for a few issues, usually a sign of good sales, but it didn’t last.

From WANTED #7, March-April 1973

Back to bimonthly for this issue, and the editor seems to be struggling to find villains, I never heard of these.

From WANTED #8, June-July 1973

Back to mostly familiar characters here, with standing figures to attract buyers. It was not enough.

From WANTED #9, Aug-Sept 1973

The final issue plays the Superman card, but too late. The covers, at least, are remarkably consistent, due in part to Gaspar’s fine lettering.

To sum up, Saladino lettered all nine covers. Other articles in this series and more you might like are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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