All images © Marvel. From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #6, June 1973

After a tryout in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT, this title ran 43 issues from 1972-77. Gaspar Saladino lettered some of the covers and a few first story pages. His first cover, above, has his wide, angular balloon lettering and a sign with one of his scary styles on FEAR. The sign is poorly cropped, which is not Gaspar’s fault, but it’s still readable.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #9, Sept 1973

The first of Saladino’s page ones. He was asked by Marvel to do these I think because they felt his energy and skill might sell a few comics to browsers. The treatment of TERROR is eye-grabbing, I like the inner texture. Tom Sutton is credited as letterer, since he did the rest of the story, and one odd thing is listing the main character, Jack Russell, as “narrator.” I never read this book, but I think naming the character after a dog breed might have made me laugh when I should have been at least a bit scared.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #12, Dec 1973

There’s no definite clue to the idea of Gaspar lettering this caption except for it’s creativity, which I don’t see from others lettering covers at Marvel at this time like Danny Crespi.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #14, Feb 1974

The thin outlines on the open letters in this caption, and the style of MONSTER, indicate Saladino work.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #19, July 1974

Lots of Gaspar styles in this lettering. Notice the larger initial T in the first caption, I don’t think anyone else was doing that.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #24, Dec 1974

Gaspar’s style here for BRUTE reminds me of the logo he did for a character with that name a few years later at Atlas/Seaboard. Or maybe it’s just the name being the same.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #27, March 1975

I don’t like the way the title goes over the character’s face here, but it’s a long title, and there probably wasn’t enough room at the top for it without covering the hands. Still, if it were ten percent smaller, the face would be in the clear. As story lettering was usually done right on the art, that would have been a difficult fix for Gaspar.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #29, May 1975

On this cover, the long character name causes the second balloon to be very wide and almost rectangular, but it looks fine. The caption just fits.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #30, June 1975

This story title must have been penciled in by Don Perlin, so Saladino just inked what was there, perhaps adding the texture.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32, Aug 1975

Here’s the first appearance of Moon Knight, who went on to his own popular series. Saladino’s balloons and caption add drama.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #33, Sept 1975

Gaspar’s treatment of MOON-KNIGHT in this caption is unusual, the second word might be type, it’s hard to tell. I think it should have all been the same style, but the scary lettering is still effective.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #34, Oct 1975

Gaspar did the spooky stuff so well, and I should add the word WEREWOLF in the logo is also by him.

From WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #37, March 1976

Lots of words to letter in these captions, but the open lettering stands out.

To sum up, I found Saladino lettering on these covers: 6, 12, 14, 19, 24, 29, 32-34, 37, that’s ten in all. He also lettered just the first story page in these issues: 9, 27, 30, three total. More articles in this series are on the COMICS CREATION page of my blog.

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