Hand Lettering is Alive and Well!


Okay, not much in comics, but if you do a Google search for Hand Lettering and then select Images, you’ll find tons of beautiful examples like these. Follow those images to the websites, and you’ll find much more, including videos.

HandLettering2These are just the first three groups of images. I didn’t get any further.

HandLettering3I didn’t have time, nor did I feel I needed to look any further to know that people are still creating beautiful work by hand, and lots of it. That made me happy.

2 thoughts on “Hand Lettering is Alive and Well!

  1. BobH

    I think Stan Sakai still hand-letters Sergio Aragones’ work in GROO. Is that the only regular hand-lettering being done in mainstream comics where the letterer is not the artist? I think there are still a lot of cartoonists like the Hernandez Brothers (and Sakai in his own comics) who do their own lettering by hand.

  2. Todd Post author

    Rick Parker is lettering for P. Craig Russell and John Workman is lettering for Walter Simonson. Those are the others I know of.

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