Happy New Year!


Here’s wishing all of you the very best for 2014! Last night Ellen and I went out for a delicious sushi dinner, then spent a few hours at First Night in Ocean City, NJ enjoying some live music and comedy. This was our second time at the 20-year-old event, a family-friendly group of activities around the city, something for everyone. First we saw the Harmony Show Choir of Gloucester, NJ perform a wildly energetic non-stop 45 minute routine of dancing and singing. Great stuff, I was exhausted just watching it, and they did three such shows in three hours!


Next was Broadway By Request, where eight fine stage-musical singers perform numbers from a list of about 80 songs chosen at random by the audience. As happened when we saw them two years ago, not everyone got a solo shot due to the vagaries of requests, but every song performed was excellently done.


Finally we enjoyed the Abott and Costello show, two impersonators who do a fine recreation of the comedy duo’s vaudeville numbers, from “Niagara Falls” to “Who’s on First,” and many others I hadn’t heard before. A third fellow helped, and did his own turns as Stan Laurel and Jack Benny. Good fun.

We could have stayed until midnight and a fireworks display, but we were both tired, and I’m fighting a cold, so we were home in bed by 11 PM. Today we have no special plans, except to take it easy and enjoy the day. Hope you do, too!

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