Heat Wave

Like most of the eastern U.S. we’re having a heat wave, and feeling it a little more than some at our house. It started getting very warm on Saturday afternoon, so before we went out to dinner I put on the air conditioning. We have two zones in our house, two complete cooling/heating systems, and when we got home from dinner, realized the older part of the house was still warm, though the newer part was cool. I checked the outside units, and while the compressors on both were running, the fan wasn’t turning on one. Not good. I had to switch it off to keep it from overheating the compressor. I called our heating/cooling guys, but I was about 50th in line, so I knew it would be a while until they got here to fix it. Probably days.

We made the best of it by partitioning off the new part of the house, which includes my studio and the two rooms above it, one a storage room, one mostly empty except for a treadmill, an old desk, and some other odds and ends. We use it as an exercise room. Oh, and our master bathroom. And we and the cats have been living in the cool part of the house ever since. Sleeping in our blazing hot bedroom would have been a problem, but we solved it by dragging the mattress into the exercise room and sleeping there last night, which worked fine.

Out in the pond, the one lily we have growing there has bloomed. Don’t know if it’s early because of the heat or not, but the flower, above, is beautiful and quite large. I put this plant in about three years ago, and it bloomed the first year, but not since until now.

So, today I’ve been cool enough, working on hand-lettering the second half of NEXUS #101, and doing a few corrections on the computer for DC. Making dinner tonight in our 90 degree kitchen won’t be a lot of fun, but…

Hang on, our heating/cooling guy just called. He’ll be here soon! Hurrah! Hope he can fix it. It’s a new unit they just installed last year, so I would think so.

Oh, and if you want to read the best heat wave horror story you’re likely to encounter, click on over to this site for H.P. Lovecraft’s COOL AIR.

UPDATE: I hate it when machines make me look like an idiot. The technician came out, switched on the unit, and it worked just fine. No problem with the fan at all. Ah, well, at least we’re cool again!

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