Helpful Hints for Ordering Prints

On-Sale day for my latest signed print is approaching, and here are a few suggestions for buyers.

Nearly everyone will be paying with PayPal, one way or another. If you have a long-established PayPal account, take a few minutes to visit that account and make sure the Shipping Address they have is correct. It will save us both time. Also, make sure your city name is completely spelled out, not abbreviated. (Names like ST. LOUIS must be SAINT LOUIS and NYC is not acceptable for New York.) In fact, avoid punctuation when you can. The USPS on-line postage system doesn’t do well with those things.

If you’d rather use the mail-order form and send payment that way, you’re welcome to, but don’t forget to E-Mail me to let me know you’re doing that, and tell me what you’re buying so I can hold your order for you.

I’ll be putting new information on my BUY STUFF page a few mintues before the on-sale time. If you already have the page open in your browser when I do that, you won’t see the new info until you Refresh the Page View.

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