Higbee Beach Walks

I did two walks at the Higbee Beach WMA in Cape May this morning, part of NJ Audubon’s annual Autumn Weekend event. Here’s Field Marshall Pete Bascinski giving the opening remarks, and asking, “How many have never been to Cape May?” He’s done this for 40 years.

The weather was sunny and pleasant, and there were quite a few birds to see, as well as lots of fall color.

As usual, most of the birds were too small, too far away, or moving too fast for me to get a good picture, but this Immature Bald Eagle was close and cooperative, and of course large! Other highlights were many more raptors searching the fields for breakfast and soaring overhead, several Common Loons overhead, a Great Cormorant, two close Northern Gannets, a good selection of land birds and more.

Most of the Higbee paths are through fields, but some do enter the woods.

Always fun seeing newish birders spotting new (for them) species, or enjoying familiar ones.

One surprise was this female Fence Lizard on the path to the beach, the largest and certainly the fattest one I’ve seen. Perhaps she’s pregnant.

Now I’m back to work, after a trip to the store for some pre-hurricane supplies. Sandy is headed right toward us according to one computer model. Should be an interesting few days. Perhaps we’ll have to evacuate, as we did for Irene. If so, we’ll go to my mother’s.

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