Home Again

Monday was my travel day, and it went pretty well. There was a 45 minute delay for bad weather in Dallas, my plane-change city, which isn’t too bad. Got home around 11 PM. Today, after unpacking and getting caught up with mail and print orders I was back to work, but it’s always a tough slog the first day. I keep nodding off at the computer. Not enough sleep. There was plenty of lettering work waiting for me, no surprise, so I’ll be playing catchup this week, and we have company coming for the weekend, so probably next week as well. It was fun at the con, but it’s always good to be home again. Regular blogging should resume soon, perhaps tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. FlorisfromHolland

    Mr. Klein, good you’re back all safe and sound. Enjoyed the blogs of SDCC thoroughly. Welcome back, sir, you’ve earned the rest. Take care of your wife and the cats.

  2. susan

    great to see all the fine photos and read your blog of the big con, Todd. looks like it was a fun, but exhausting, time. I guess you’ve seen the SDCC evolve into this enormous all-media firestorm extravaganza from back in the early days when it was all about comics. At least they haven’t changed the name! (lol)

  3. Todd Post author

    It’s grown hugely since I started going in 1993, but it always was about all kinds of popular culture, including genre literature, TV and movies.

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