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The beautiful weather from our second week of travel has followed us home, it’s sunny and pleasant this weekend, with no wind. I have some work to catch up on, but it was hard to stay inside, so yesterday afternoon we went down to Cape May Point to walk on the trails and visit the Hawk Watch at the State Park. Here’s the tally board so far this year. There were lots of watchers, but hardly any hawks, though we did see a few on the trails. Then we had a fine dinner at Frescos on their final weekend of the season.

Today I went out to do some cleanup in the yard. We have just a few acorns! When you live in the woods with oak trees, you expect that. These are blown and raked into the woods, but more continue to fall. If only we could eat them! (Yes, I know it’s possible, but only with a great deal of effort, and even then they don’t taste good.)

I also put up the lovely new wind chimes given to us by Ellen’s friend Laura on our trip. She made the strands from colored glass and beads, and it looks cool. Not sure how it will sound yet, as there is absolutely no wind today.

Later we went for a walk along the Promenade in Sea Isle City. There were plenty of people enjoying the beach, and it was downright hot there.

In the dunes lots of Seaside Goldenrod is blooming, attracting many migrating Monarch butterflies. How many can you find in this picture?

Not my favorite butterfly, but they can be quite attractive, and of course their migration story is amazing, some make it all the way to Mexico.

Now we’re home, and I’m making my mother’s Apple Cake recipe with some of the Winesap apples we bought from an orchard in Tennessee. It’s my favorite apple, and only available for a few weeks here, I guess they don’t keep well. We’ll enjoy it tonight after dinner!

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  1. David Goldfarb

    Meanwhile, in Texas we’re having rain with occasional lightning and thunder. Not that I’m complaining: we desperately need it!

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