How To: Castell pen update

Castell pens

Back in July I did a blog entry on where to find Castell TG1 technical drawing pens, the ones I prefer and have used for years for hand lettering. They used to be common in art supply stores in the US, but more than ten years ago the German manufacturer stopped shipping them here. I spent a lot of time and money getting what I think will be a lifetime supply from a shop in Denmark, with the help of a friend there. But, to answer the question from artist Russell Myers about where to find some NOW, all I could come up with was a few suppliers in England that offered sets of four particular sizes, only two of which were ones I use.

Thankfully, blog reader Cameron Chesney has finally come to our rescue with this link to a British shop that will allow you to order individual pens in any of the sizes made by Castell. You have to scroll down a bit on the link, but it’s there.

Thanks, Cameron! For those of us who still use real pens and ink on occasion, this is an important find.

3 thoughts on “How To: Castell pen update

  1. S.Bove

    I swear by Staedtler MarsMatic and after running through the same availability problem hit eBayer and bought new sets for very little cost. It amazes me that simple things like quality brushes and pens are vanishing from the art form.

  2. Todd Post author

    With the rise of computer graphics, hand tools aren’t selling well, and manufacturers are cutting back or discontinuing them. There will always be a small market for hand art tools because of schools, I think, but if I were a pen maker, I’d probably be going the same route.

  3. S.Bove

    Understood. I run into the computer problem with students when I teach comics here in CT. I stress traditional artistic values that seem to contradict what students are learning in their schools. I had one student who was in his first year of college who had absolutely no anatomical study wanting to do comics. He also didn’t seem to feel there was a need to carry a sketchbook as the computer can do it all. These are different times and though I make my living using a computer (and use it well) I find that my traditional skills are always in use.

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