How to: finding Faber-Castell TG1 pens

Artist Russell Myers, of the wonderful Broom-hilda comic strip writes:

For many years I used Faber-Castell pens for lettering. When they stopped being available in the US I had to resort to other pens I prefer a lot less. You mentioned that they are still available in Europe. Do you have specific contact info for any suppliers? If so, I would really appreciate knowing where to buy some.

This is one of the great problems for those of us who still want to hand-letter comics or strips, finding the tools, which are fast disappearing. There are a number of vendors in the U.K. who sell sets of these pens, which might be what you need. Here’s one: Pen set 1
Problem is, that would only give me two of the pens I usually use, and the other two are not available in sets.

The last time I bought TG1 pens, I had a friend in Denmark find a local vendor there who was able to order exactly what I needed from the manufacturer and ship it to me. Actually, it took two shipments to get everything I wanted, as some of the pens they sent weren’t exactly the size I needed (it’s a matter of a few critical millimeters). I ordered what I hope will be a lifetime supply, and since I’m asked to hand-letter less often every year, it should be enough.

If anyone out there in Europe knows of a good supplier for individual pens, rather than sets, let me know and I’ll publish it here. I’m sure Mr. Myers would thank you!

13 thoughts on “How to: finding Faber-Castell TG1 pens

  1. denise

    I have a new, (but old) set of 4 Faber Castell TG1 system pens if anyone is interested.
    Let me know.

  2. louie perez

    hi todd
    love the tg1’s. i found mine on e bay. an nos set. i have a some old/new rapidographs but i seem to like the tg1 better. as i’m new to the tg1, i must admit i’m a bit nervous about the the slip-fit tips in opposed to the threaded system on the rapidographs. anyone ever have issues with leaks? thanks

  3. Todd Post author

    Rarely a problem with leaks, but be careful to push the point firmly into the barrel. I’ve had them fly out when I shake the pen to get the ink flowing, making quite a mess!

  4. louie perez

    thanks todd, i’ll heed your advice when it comes to pushin’ n shakin’. by the way we may have a mutual friend-barbara rich at dc in nyc. she has been incredibly kind and generous with my three comic obsessed sons. she married a musician friend of mine. thanks for the great work.

  5. susan

    I recently bought a set of Faber-Castell TG1 pens at a thrift store. There are three pens (.40, .50, and .35) although it appears that the set had a 4th pen. The set came with a bottle of T-100 Drafting Film ink and some type of jointed/threaded thingy. It seems like the pictoral instructions are showing some type of filler neck that is missing from the set. Does anyone know how I can get these filled? I would appreciate any info.

  6. Todd Post author

    Susan, the pens should have a removable reservoir inside that can be filled with any ink bottle dropper. Don’t fill it all the way up, though.

  7. Bob Deyen

    Susan: they can be filled by removing back, and pulling off tube like bottle,and filling with drafting ink. That other round tube like thing with threads,screws on front end to remove and clean tip(has a round wieght with wire,shake it back and forth to keep ink flowing). With that tool You can put new tips in or bigger sizes. I used them for yrs. in My job as Instrument Spray Painter to mark lines on parts (different sizes).
    These are Faber- Castell TG1-s most with tip removeal tool
    I have 13 new in box 0.25(00),13 new out of box; 17 extra tip new in plastic container;
    7 new in box 0.35 (0),8 new out of box
    1 new in box 0.40 (1),1 new out of box; 4 extra tips in plastic box
    1 0.50 (2) out of box, 3 extra tips in plastic container
    Anyone interested?????
    Bob at

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