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Advance copies arrived today, and as with all the Absolute Editions, this one is gorgeous. J.H. Williams III and I worked on new art and designs for the slipcase and cover, though mostly I was just producing Jim’s concepts for print. For the slipcase, above, he wanted gold ink on white paper. The only way the printer could do this (within DC’s budget) was to silkscreen it. I had serious doubts about how that would look, but I’m happy to say I was wrong and it turned out looking terrific.


For the book cover, Jim’s art, masterfully colored by Jeromy Cox, needed an elaborate varnish mask that took me quite a while to work out, but again, it looks great, though as the ink is a bit slick already and the paper is glossy, the varnish mask is rather hard to see. But that’s okay, Jim and I know it’s there. Both slipcase and cover have wraparound art, by the way, this is less than half of each.

Inside, the art looks SO much better than it did in previous printings on the heavy, top-quality paper with profoundly good printing. The printers in China that do these really know their stuff. Makes me want to read it all again, and I just might! Release date is October 6th, I think. Don’t miss out.

One thought on “Incoming: ABSOLUTE PROMETHEA BOOK ONE

  1. Simon G.

    Okay, I was still hesitating about that one, already having the 5 trade paperbacks, but you’ve sold me.

    Thanks for the input!



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