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Artist J.H. Williams III asked me to help out with this album cover art for “Apocryphon” by the group The Sword. I did type design for the covers and interiors of the album’s folded double sleeve, including the song lyrics (but not the logo, J.H. did that), and put everything together in InDesign. There was a smaller version for the CD, with a separate booklet for the lyrics. The music is not to my taste — head-banging heavy metal — but J.H. likes it and says he’s had lots of great feedback on the art. There are apparently lots of versions of the album available, look for it if you’re interested.

5 thoughts on “Incoming: ALBUM COVER ART BY J.H. WILLIAMS III

  1. Mike DeShane

    That art is amazing. J.H. Williams III is very talent guy. I am a fan of the band (although I don’t have that album, yet). I like how you can get multiple versions of albums now, for those who really want all the art and extras.

  2. Marcel de Souza

    Just got my copy of the deluxe CD last week. I´ve appreciated the artwork when I saw it on the internet, but I haven´t identified it as been from JH´s. With the album in my hands it was pretty clear though. As soon as I look at it I thought the design had a lot of similarities with Promethea. To my surprise I read at the liner notes that you were involved in the design and I was curious to know what have you done, so I checked the blog. Good to see that you´ve talked about that. Have you ever worked on other albums or desing any music group logos? Cheers!

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