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What a cool thing arrived on this stormy day from my former editor Scott Dunbier! It was great fun revisiting some of the wonderful art I got to work with on the ABC books, and viewing some in versions I never saw. Unfortunately the Tom Strong art by Chris Sprouse and the Top 10 art by Gene Ha does not have my lettering, as in those cases it was done separately, but many of the other stories do. And then there’s the excellent work of Kevin Nowlan on Jack B. Quick that I never saw until it was printed because Kevin did his own lettering.

The complete art for PROMETHEA #10 is here, and looks wonderful.

Several hilarious and manic Splash Brannigan stories by Hilary Barta are here…

…as well as several Jonni Future stories by the amazing Arthur Adams. What a treat it was to letter all those! And let’s not forget the writers, Alan Moore and Steve Moore (on Jonni), who gave me the best words to work with.

This is a great thing. Thank you, Scott Dunbier!

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