Incoming: Back Issue 32, Rough Stuff 11

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For several years TwoMorrows has been kind enough to mail me complementary copies of some of their fine publications. Recently, to cut costs, I’ve been sent links to online PDF versions instead. I completely understand this, and still enjoy looking through the magazines digitally. I find I don’t read as much of it that way, but still do read some, and enjoy the art. Issue 32 of Michael Eury’s BACK ISSUE has an article on DC’s Who’s Who series from the 1980s that I read with interest, as I worked on it a lot, often doing the production of the pages (paste-ups in those days, no desktop computers yet), designing many of the logos, and even writing some entries for the Green Lantern Corps members and the Omega Men. There’s also a dual interview with Green Lantern artists past and present Joe Staton and Ethan Van Sciver that’s a lot of fun. Other articles cover the Marvel Handbooks series, with many Marvel staff photos, and Dial H for Hero.

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Bob McLeod’s ROUGH STUFF has fascinating interviews/articles with artists Tom Yeates and Gene Ha, both full of wonderful art, Greg Horn pencils to paintings, and more good stuff. Lots to look at in both magazines, and they’re recommended.

3 thoughts on “Incoming: Back Issue 32, Rough Stuff 11

  1. Mike

    I know you do these occasionally, but I don’t usually pick things up the week they come out and I’m really looking forward to the Back Issue interview with Eliot R. Brown. Does “incoming” mean they’re coming out this week?

  2. A reader

    I read just about magazine TwoMorrows puts out & this issue of Back Issue might be my favorite thus far, because of the articles on aspects of comics history/prodution that really have been hidden except to those who where there: Who’s Who, the Marvel Handbooks, and especially the Eliot R. Brown piece.

    P.S. Mike, yes, it shipped to comic shops this week.

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