Incoming: BACK ISSUE 46

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For some time now, John Morrow has been sending me, gratis,  the digital edition of his magazine about comics of the 1970s and 80s, edited by Michael Eury. While I appreciate it, I have to admit I often don’t have time to do more than skim through them. Problem is, my reading time is in the evening, after I’m off the computer. While I’m on it, I rarely have a chance to read lengthy articles, no matter how well-written, and they usually are. This time I’m going to make an effort to read more, as issue 46 focuses on comics and series that were written and at least partially drawn (sometimes completely finished) but never published for one reason or another. A great subject, and one that interests me. Both the digital and print versions should be available on the TwoMorrows website. If this sort of thing interests you, too, give it a look.

One thought on “Incoming: BACK ISSUE 46

  1. Jon Marvin

    Todd, I’ve been getting the TwoMorrows pubs in e-format for some time. The best way to read them is the iPad. Not a cheap solution, I admit, but comics and magazines work very well on it. I had gotten to a point where I literally had no more room for physical books (and I love books), so I started getting digital editions and getting rid of the books that were not special to me. I keep the signed editions, etc, but I get most electronically now.

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