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Years in the making (fifteen according to Kurt Busiek in his afterword), this four issue series is collected in a hardcover that should be out soon. Kurt’s idea was to create an Elseworlds type Batman story that is as resonant and compelling as his SUPERMAN, SECRET IDENTITY, my favorite Superman story, that we worked on more than those 15 years ago. I like this one nearly as much, though I can’t say it’s my favorite Batman story, I would have to give that nod to BATMAN: YEAR ONE. It’s quite good all the same, with the Batman of this story a creepy, supernatural partner to a young Bruce Wainwright as they try to solve the mystery of his parents’ murder, and then to find a place in the world. But what exactly is this Batman, and where does it come from? That’s the real story, and it’s a good one. John Paul Leon’s art is perfect for this book, too, full of mood and shadows. It’s unlike any other Batman story I’ve read, and I highly recommend it.

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