Incoming: BATMAN, THE DARK KNIGHT DETECTIVE Volume 6 Trade Paperback

Image © DC Comics, cover art by Michael Golden

DC continues their reprints of Batman material with this volume. It collects DETECTIVE COMICS #622-633 from 1990-1991. Writers are Peter Milligan, Marv Wolfman, John Ostrander and Alan Grant. Pencilers are Jim Aparo, Flint Henry, Mike McKone, Norm Breyfogle and Tom Mandrake. Inkers add Mike DeCarlo, José Marzán Dr., Steve Mitchell and Steve Leialoha. I lettered four of those issues. It’s kind of fun to see them again, but I have to admit I don’t have any desire to reread them. If you do, or if you haven’t read them, these collections are a good value for the retail price of $24.99, about two dollars per issue. Amazon lists the release date as May 3rd, comics retailers may get it sooner. Check with yours, or there’s an Amazon link below.

Batman The Dark Knight Detective Volume 6

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