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Just arrived from DC is another gigantic book collecting the original miniseries (which I lettered), a Mister E miniseries, The Children’s Crusade #1-2 (I worked on that too), Arcana, the Books of Magic Annual #1, Vertigo Visions Doctor Occult #1, Books of Magic #1-32 and Auberon’s Tale #1-3. The book is in the slightly oversized deluxe format. It has 1,504 pages, is three inches thick, and weighs eight pounds. Looks like a glued binding. The original miniseries has been reprinted recently, but this is the first collection of the monthly series since some 1990s trade paperbacks, and other items may never have been collected. It’s due out December 8, 2020, cover price is $150 US. If you’re interested, check with your comics supplier, or here’s the Amazon link:

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