Incoming: CHIVALRY by Neil Gaiman adapted and illustrated by Colleen Doran

Just arrived is the latest entry in the long-running Neil Gaiman Library from Dark Horse, one of my favorite short stories by Neil adapted and beautifully illustrated in watercolor by Colleen Doran. She also did magnificent calligraphy in the style of Mediaeval manuscripts on some pages. I did the regular comics lettering. Following on the success of Colleen’s adaptation of “Snow, Glass, Apples,” this is another triumph that I enjoyed being a small part of, and the fact that the story is full of gentle humor and British understatement as well as Arthurian legends and high fantasy makes it highly appealing, and a good introduction to Neil and Colleen for young readers, or readers of any age. Masterful! Look for it at your comics retailer, or use the link below.

Chivalry by Gaiman and Doran

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