Incoming: CLEAN ROOM Volume 3

Image © Gail Simone and DC Comics.

The third and final collection of CLEAN ROOM has arrived, which covers issues 13 to 18 of the monthly series. It’s the final one as far as I know, wrapping up the DC run in fine fashion. Gail Simone has created a story that is really scary, and characters that are engaging, vulnerable, courageous, cowardly, fragile, heroic, caring…in other words, human…to balance the brutal, sadistic aliens from somewhere else that can take over the human mind and body, often without those around them even knowing it. It’s great stuff. The art on this book is by Walter Geovani, and just as good as on the first two books, which had art by Jon Davis-Hunt. I’m going to miss working on this series, I highly recommend it.

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