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Just arrived is a newly printed collection of Neil Gaiman’s stories about Sandman’s sister Death. It’s in the deluxe hardcover format, slightly larger than the original comics, and has a glued binding. The contents are mostly the same as THE ABSOLUTE DEATH boxed hardcover of some years ago, and it has the same Dave McKean cover art, but is smaller and less costly at a retail price of $29.99 US. I haven’t opened it (no need), but the paper quality looks good and I expect this would be a nice addition to the Gaiman library of anyone who doesn’t have the ABSOLUTE one. This appears to be a new printing of a book issued in 2012, I don’t see a new listing for it yet on Amazon or on the DC website, so perhaps it’s been sent to me well in advance of release. Check your comics retailer or bookstore if you’d like one.

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