Collecting the miniseries I lettered last year, this hardcover is part of Joe Hill’s “Hill House” imprint at DC, now folded into their Black Label division. Yes, it’s horror, and has some scary parts, but it’s also well written and well-drawn historical and fantasy subject matter from writer Mike Carey and artists Peter Gross and Vince Locke. I’ve enjoyed working with Mike and Peter in the past on projects like THE UNWRITTEN. This is just as good. When is a dollhouse not a dollhouse? Read this to find out. Retail price is $24.99.

DC is also reprinting FABLES, one of the longest and best series I lettered in the 2000s and 2010s. Imagine all the fairy tale and fables characters you remember from childhood hiding out in New York City and New York State (mostly) trying to avoid evil forces who have caused them to flee from their homelands. These are refugees with power, but they must also remain in hiding, so their power must be used sparingly. Great stuff from writer Bill Willingham and main artists Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha with help from many others like Lan Medina and cover artist James Jean, though it’s nice to see a new cover on this book by Mark Buckingham. The previous collection of the series in the FABLES DELUXE EDITION hardcovers (15 volumes at $30 each retail) remains the best and most lasting version. This paperback is almost 1,200 pages and two inches thick. It collects issues 1-41 and three longer stand-alone stories: The Last Castle, A Wolf in the Fold and 1,001 Nights of Snowfall. The reproduction and paper quality are excellent. The glued binding is not likely to hold up well over time, but the price of $59.99 for all that great reading makes it a bargain all the same. I’m guessing there will be two more volumes.

Both books are due out in October. Amazon links below, or check with your comics retailer.

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