Incoming: DOOM PATROL Vol. 1

Images © DC Comics.

The first collection of the new DOOM PATROL I’m lettering has arrived. I’m enjoying it a great deal, and you might, too. I think it stands on equal footing with the earlier series written by Grant Morrison, from which writer Gerard Way and artist Nick Derington took a lot of their inspiration. As I don’t get individual printed issues anymore, this is my first look at it printed and in color. Looks great!

One thing I’ve been noticing in recent DC printed comics is a different method of color separation. I’m not sure when it started, but fairly recently, I think. Gone are the regimented rows of dots in the colors, now they are dithered.

A closer look to explain what I mean. See how the tiny dots of color do not line up in rows, but instead are spread randomly? The previous regimented dots were a function of photographic color separations. Digital separations have other options, including this one. It gives the color a more evenly spread feeling, you notice the dots less, and those dots are much smaller than they used to be, too. I have no way of measuring how many dots per inch the color uses here, but it’s a LOT. Note, there’s no dots in the solid black lettering and balloon borders above, but when I used color in the lettering, it has the same kind of separations. Interesting and modern. The look is closer to what you’d get at home with an inkjet printer, which I think uses the same diffusion pattern of dots. Printed comics are now even more finely detailed than their digital versions available on sites like Comixology, though those look fine when I read them, too.

The collection goes on sale May 31st at comics sellers. I heartily approve.

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