Incoming: ECHOLANDS 3, RAW CUT 2

Images © JH Williams III and W Haden Blackman

Just arrived is the third issue of this series, the Williams III cover and a variant by Michael Oeming, plus the Raw Cut version of issue two, the Williams III cover and a variant by Alison Sampson. The Raw Cut is the art as it left Jim’s hands before Dave added his colors, and with my lettering but translucent so you can see all the art. I’m a bit staggered by how quickly these seem to be coming out, which is great for readers, but a bit worrying for me on the production end. We only managed to get one issue completed per year for the first five issues, and I still haven’t seen finished color for issue 5 from Dave Stewart yet, which I will need to make the printer files. Issue 6 is finished on my end, but also waiting for Dave’s colors. I haven’t received art from Jim for issue 7 yet. Publication is rapidly catching up to our backlog! In any case, these are wonderful books that I think show all the many hours of hard work put into them by Haden and Jim, as well as Dave and myself, though my part goes much quicker than the rest. Look for them in a shop near you, or your favorite online comics retailer. Amazon links below if you prefer.

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