Incoming: ECHOLANDS HC, Amazing Fantasy 1000

ECHOLANDS BOOK ONE Hardcover © 2022 J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman

The six issues of this unusual series that I lettered over the past few years is now out in a handsome hardcover edition from Image. Done entirely in landscape format with each pair of pages forming a single layout (except the first and last pages of each issue), it was fun and challenging with lots of special lettering styles for me to figure out. I thought the story was great, an epic adventurous romp through a variety of settings and genres. If you’ve been waiting for a collection, here it is, retail price $34.99. Needless to say the art is fabulous!

AMAZING FANTASY #1000 #1, Oct 2022 © Marvel

Also received is this square-bound comic full of interesting short Spider-Man stories including one written by Neil Gaiman with art by Steve McNiven that I lettered. If you’ve ever seen Jonathan Ross’s film about Steve Ditko, some of this will be familiar, but from Neil’s point of view. It was decades apart, but we’ve both met Steve Ditko, and the story explains how meaningful that was to Neil. Retail price on this is $7.99.

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