Image © Bill Willingham and DC Comics, Inc.

When I was asked to letter this FABLES follow-up, I didn’t think I wanted to. I loved working on the original series, all 150 issues, plus lots of spin-offs, and didn’t think a revisit would be as much fun. DC sent me the art and script for the first issue, and I was sold. I’ve been enjoying working on it ever since. It has a different flavor from what came before, but the writing and art are excellent, and some characters continue from the previous work, like Connor Wolf (son of Bigby and Snow, now grown and on his own), as well as Peter Piper and Bo Peep. All are covert agents here trying to save us Mundys from dangerous new outbreaks of magic and magic users. I see a release date of May 3rd, so if you’re a FABLES fan, look for it then, or preorder now at your local comics outlet.

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