TwoMorrows has reissued an expanded version of this book by George Khoury first published a few years ago. I think it’s the best book ABOUT Alan yet produced. A new blurb on the front calls it a biography, which I think is misleading. The bulk of the oversized package consists of lengthy interviews of Alan by George that are certainly biographical in many respects, but that’s not the same thing. There are also lots of Moore pictures, scripts, comics and tributes (including a short one by me), many very hard to find or available nowhere else, and what looks like a complete Moore bibliography. George has added a new interview bringing things Alan up to nearly the present. Highly recommended, and if you already have it, possibly worth getting again for the new stuff, but you might want to wait for the trade paperback edition which I’m sure will follow.

The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore by George Khoury

One thought on “Incoming: THE EXTRAORDINARY WORKS OF ALAN MOORE by George Khoury

  1. Jedidiah

    I just finished this a few days ago and it’s very worthwhile. I think Khoury made a great decision to structure the book as a long interview rather than try to make it a straight biography. My only complaint was that it was a bit more of an overview than I would have hoped. I would have loved to read more than a sentence or two about Voice of the Fire, for instance. But all the rare scripts and stories and artwork more than make up for it.

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