Incoming: FABLES 100

Image © Bill Willingham and DC Comics, art by Joao Ruas.

Just arrived today, and I think it looks good, perhaps even superb. To me it has the kind of bounteous feel of the early DC Annuals I found in my youth; not only lots of great reading but many bonus features. This book was a sore trial to me in the weeks before it shipped from DC, lots of last minute changes and frantic hard work. At almost the last minute, editor Shelly Bond informed me that we needed to ADD four pages. She had paged it out at exactly 100 pages, but that’s an impossible number for printing comics, since they must be printed in signatures of no less than 8 pages. This is one of those errors that seem so obvious when you notice them, but none of us did. So, rather than cutting four pages, we added four, including the one-page Three Blind Mice gag on page 4 and the Castle Dark blueprints on page 78. It’s amusing to see that even the back cover copy calls it a 100-page issue, when it’s really 104. The important thing I’d like to say here, though, is FABLES 100 is truly deserving of the name “landmark issue,” and I suggest you give it a look.

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