Image © Bill Willingham and DC Comics, cover art by Mark Buckingham.

The second of four massive trade paperbacks collecting all of the FABLES series has arrived. This one contains issues #42-82. The printing and paper quality look fine to me. The book is over two inches thick, so I hope the glued binding will hold up for readers. The cover art connects to that on the first Compendium, so I’m guessing all four will connect into one very wide image, a nice idea. If you haven’t read the series, this is a handy and relatively inexpensive way to do so. Retail price is $59.99, which seems a lot, but if you divide that by 41 issues, it’s about $1.46 per issue, less than you’re likely to pay for all those monthlies or previous collections. Not sure when it’s out in shops, but Amazon has delivery by May 11, link below.

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