Just arrived today, and getting the interest of Leo, this very thick and heavy volume collecting all the HOUSE OF SECRETS material: 25 regular issues, two extra-long painted issues, a short story, and lots of extras. I had fun lettering this from 1996 to 2001 (with a large gap in there), Steven Seagle, Teddy Kristiansen and editor Shelly Bond were great to work with. Lots of special lettering styles were called for, and many were done by hand, though I did use commercial fonts (some altered) for the voices of the spirits. At the time DC was not set up for digital pasteups, so I generally printed out those bits and pasted them onto the artwork, or sometimes vellum overlays. I can’t say this is really a favorite series as far as the characters goes, they didn’t appeal to me that much, but it was innovative and probably ahead of its time story-wise, and well worth a look.

5 thoughts on “Incoming: HOUSE OF SECRETS OMNIBUS

  1. Ritik

    Wow! Can’t wait for this. Already have it on pre-order. How’s the binding – is it sewn or glued?

  2. Felisa

    Is Leo included if I order HoS from you? I have many books, plush animals, a Tortie & fellow (chocolate smoked) Ocicat as well. Fortunately my Oci doesn’t try to nummy my books.

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