Incoming: “Immortal Love”/ “Home With You” 45rpm

This may be the oddest thing that’s come to me in the mail in years. Around 2006 or so, when I was doing design work for THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN BLACK DOSSIER, Alan Moore and Tim Perkins cut the songs on this record, and Kevin O’Neill and I designed the label. It was planned as an insert, first with the regular hardcover edition of the book, later with the Absolute Edition. Things happened, and the record was never made at that time. Last year I heard from Alan’s UK publisher, Knockabout that they were going to press the single, and I provided the label I’d assembled then. The original plan was for it to be dark blue with silver ink, but I think this color scheme actually works better with the art.

Here’s the B side in the sleeve (which Knockabout produced, I wasn’t involved in that). I’ve actually heard the tracks online, and haven’t played the record yet, but it’s kind of cool that it was finally produced. I’m afraid I can’t tell you how to get one, other than contacting Knockabout in London. I know they were including them as a premium with some Alan Moore books at one of their signings.

In case you’re interested in the fine print on the label, it reads “KAPITAL RECORDS, INC., THE BRILLCREEM BUILDING, 1619 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.” (Except on the B side where it says “ALL RIGHT RESERVED.” Oops.

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