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Here’s the first of several things I got in San Diego that you might be interested in. My friend Gary Gianni has been drawing the Sunday comic strip Prince Valiant for several years now, and this year King Features has allowed him to collect about a year’s worth of strips, reformat them to magazine size (8.5 by 12.25 inches), and publish them himself under his own Hieronymus Press imprint. With dialogue and I assume co-plotting by Mark Schultz, the stories here focus mainly on the invasion of Camelot by a “dragon,” and the kidnapping of Val’s wife Aleta and her courtiers by underground-dwellers, followed by a lengthy underground pursuit by Val and his comrades.

The interior art, in black and white, is reproduced well, and considerably larger than in the newspapers, I’d guess, and it looks great. Gary had them for sale at his table at San Diego, and if he’s at other cons will have them there, too, I’m sure. There’s no information on the book itself about ordering or price, but if you contact Gary at his website, I’m sure he can tell you how to get one.

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