Incoming: KINGDOM COME 20th Anniversary Hardcover

KingdomComeHC011Image © DC Comics.

Another new version of something I lettered that I wasn’t expecting. I’m no longer getting “Diamond Previews,” so I don’t see what’s coming anymore. KINGDOM COME was a great project to be involved in, I loved the art and the story. It was lettered by hand about 20 years ago, even though I was just starting to letter on the computer in 1996. Mostly it was lettered on vellum placed over photocopies of the art, so I didn’t see much of the art in color until the book came out. I loved it even more then. I think this wraparound cover by Alex Ross is new, at least I hope so. Least they could do for the anniversary. It’s nice to see the font I created for and with Alex being used on the title, but the lettering/type nerd in me sees several kerning errors: too much space between the first O and M, too little between the D and O and C and O. I’m sure most of you would never have noticed that, sorry…

More about working with Alex on this project and others is HERE.

3 thoughts on “Incoming: KINGDOM COME 20th Anniversary Hardcover

  1. Richard Bruning

    No, you’re absolutely right. The kerning is imprecise and the M hanging out there is particularly noticeable. Not to sound like the old foggy I am but kerning is most definitely a lost art for many. Disappointing.

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